Why is Quality Water More Important Than Food?

Inspired By  Shawn Stevenson
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I thought by filtering my water I was doing the right thing but there is so much more to learn! It’s not just about filtering out the ‘baddies,’ it’s about the good stuff that’s already in natural spring water or putting in the good stuff that we’ve filtered out. Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine… it’s certainly time for me to pay more attention to the liquid I drink everyday!

There’s a Slovakian proverb that says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” 

What is water? What critical roles does water play in our health? How does water play a role in weight gain and weight loss?

Water is not just H20. H20 does not exist in nature. It can only be created in a lab. Water is a universal solvent,  a carrier, it is H20 with other substances dissolved into it. This is what gives water is structure and its life. 

Water carries everything into our body, our nutrients, our hormones and neurotransmitters.

Water is a liquid crystal. Water transmits and stores energy. 

What roles water plays in the body

  1. Maintenance of your DNA
  2. Water facilities reactions in your mitochondria (the energy power plants of our cells, they convert nutrients into energy). If you’re dehydrated your energy goes down. 
  3. Your blood is over 90% water. Our blood system is used to transfer nutrients, anti-bodies and waste remove as well (the lymph fluid - your cellular waste management system).When our lymph fluid is too thin (i.e. dehydrated) we have a build up of waste toxins. 
  4. Digestion and the digestive secretions. If you’re not drinking enough water you can get chronically constipated. Your body is trying to poop out a dusty brick!
  5. Regulates your body temperature. If you don’t have water our body cannot regulate our thermostat. 
  6. Your cerebral spinal system. 
  7. The synovial fluid in your joints and discs. 
  8. Your body needs quality raw materials to do its job. 

You want to be in a state of super hydration especially when it comes to spinal health

What controls the water balance in your body?

Our hypothalamus gland is our master controller of the water balance and your entire endocrine system (also controls our hunger and thirst signals). When we are dehydrated our body has to reuse our waste fluids to try and stay hydrated instead of releasing it as pee. 

Water fun facts

  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. 
  • In 37% of Americans thirst is often mistaken for hunger because the thirst mechanism is so weak. By eating instead of drinking we become more dehydrated through digesting the food. Are you familiar with this vicious circle in your body? We are eating more food than we need than simply drinking more quality water.
  • Mild dehydration slows our metabolism.
  • Insufficient water is the number 1 trigger of daytime fatigue. 
  • Headaches - one of the number 1 causes of headaches and migraines is being chronically dehydrated. 
  • 1 glass of water shut down hunger pangs for almost 100% of dieters. 


Is about getting rid of the fluid your body is retaining. It’s carbohydrates - this will trigger your body to store my water. For each gram of carbohydrates you’ll be storing about 3 - 4 grams of water. Ditch the whole grains from your diet to get leaner. Add in more fats and proteins to replace your carbohydrates. 

The more acidic we are the more water we need to buffer it. If you’re eating more processed packaged foods which is more acidic you will need more water. 

Aquaporins - protein channels in your cells that allow the water to enter your cells. The Aquaporins only let good quality water into your cells because they will not let bad quality water into your cells as it will destroy them. 

Our water supply

There are no systems in place to eliminate the crazy stuff that is in our modern day water that the governments provide to us. 

Research has proven that pharmaceutical chemicals and pesticides are continually found in our water. Some of these thing include anti-depressants, antibiotics, pain relievers, mental health prescriptions, caffeine, nicotine, lead, arsenic and pesticides. What a cocktail, even if they are very small trace amounts.

We can’t run from this but we can do something about this. 

Chlorine (bleach) is used to treat water, to get rid of pathogens as it is an antibiotic which kills everything. This kills the good bacteria in our gut biome as well. Your gut is where the vast majority of your immune system is. This will effect your serotonin production too.

Antibiotic: Anti (against) biotic (life) - Against Life!

Probiotic: For life (the good bacteria)

The more tap water you’re drinking the more harm your doing to your gut health. 

Fluoride. Research has show that fluoride can dramatically damage the brain. Significant risk to your thyroid, bones and bone cancer. 

Fluoride is a medication and was supposedly added to our water to improve our bone health. It’s similar to calcium but it’s not calcium. It actually makes our bones more brittle. 

Most industrial countries banned fluoride water. 

What are our options for improving out water quality? 

Is bottled water good? The only requirement is that it’s equal quality to tap water. 

Plastic bottles leach toxic xenoestrogens. Water is a universal solvent so whatever water comes in contact with it becomes part of it. Plastic breaks down from light and becomes part of the water even if BPA free. Drinking water from plastic bottles equals oestrogen water or plastic tea. 

If you don’t have a filter you become the filter (your body then has deal with the byproducts and these often get stored in our fat tissue).

Having a filter is great but the Britta filter doesn’t work (they are made by a chlorine company). 

  • Distilled water - the distillation process can create water that is H20 - blank water. It’s hungry water, it wants to attach itself to things in your body rather than give you nutrients. 
  • Alkalising water systems - ionising or alkalising the water is to give the body alkaline water. The acidity of food, water and people is based on the mineral content. These systems are exposing the water to electricity is not a natural process. It is again a more man made, artificial process. This is not a complete matrix of structured water. 
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems - pushes water with high pressure through a very small membrane, smaller than the size of bacteria and parasitical medications etc. We get naked, purified water with minimal substances in it. The water is getting into your aquaporins but there is no nutrition in the water to give to your cells. The key is to then give it structure afterwards i.e. salt, lemon, cucumber… 
  • Well water - Aquifer are underground lakes - the cleanest purest thing you will ever come into contact with on this planet. The earth has done the perfect filtering. The problem is the water isn’t ripe yet to drink. When it is it comes out in a spring. That’s when nature is presenting it to you. The water is still immature in the aquifer. It will have too much of a higher mineral content.

Mineral water comes from wells.

The water has a higher TDA (total dissolved solids) and is still good for most people however it isn’t for some. It can leave extra sediment in your body. 

Artisan water = well water. 

Spring water - the ultimate water to drink. 

This is when water is fully mature and presents itself naturally to you. How beautiful is nature to support us in that way. 

How can we be more in touch with the laws of nature rather than the laws of man?

You can improve the quality of your drinking water by sourcing nearby spring water. Why not give your body the best choice water for your body to thrive?

Visit http://www.findaspring.com/ to find a spring near you. 

If you had a choice would you drink cooked, processed, chemical water or natural spring water as nature intended for you?

The top 4 sources for the best water possible

  1. Spring water
  2. Well water
  3. Spring or well water bottled in glass:
    Mountain Valley Spring Water (process of ozonation). 
    Acqua Panna Spring Water - Italy 
    Voss Water - Norway
    San Pellegrino - from the Alps
  4. RO (reverse osmosis) water - then give the water structure (see below)

5 ways to liven up your aqua

  1. Salt - Sea salt, Himalayan salt, high quality rock salt
  2. Lemon - has an anaerobic orbit which spins in the same direction as our digestive track and aids in cleaning our digestive tract. Also provides ions which will charge the water. 
  3. Crystal Energy (silica) - which helps with the electrical charge of our blood. Gives your water a nice healthy charge. 
  4. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) - An organic form of sulphur - adding a mineral compound to your water. 
  5. Fresh fruits and or veggies - cucumber slices, sliced berries - you’re adding electrons - full of antioxidants and have electrical potential. 

True power comes from the decisions you make. What choices and actions will you take to quench the thirst within?

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