Why Will Curiosity Save the World?

Inspired By  Naveen Jain, Tom Bilyeu
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Naveen Jain’s laser focus on solving big problems has made him one of the most important voices in entrepreneurship today. He was named Ernst and Young's “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Silicon India's “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and continues to pioneer unprecedented achievements in multiple industries. Naveen came to America with only five dollars in his pocket and used his energy, enthusiasm, and undying optimism to turn it into billions. His radical belief of transforming philanthropic ideals into self-sustaining economic vehicles is astounding. His company Viome aims to one day make illness a choice. Take a moment to get to know the entrepreneur and philanthropist who emphasises the importance of solving actual problems in this video.

Millennial kids have parents that live in a mindset of a me, me, me society. Millennials, want to make it a we, we, we society, a liberal society, where we care about everyone.

There is a mindset that you can’t do good and do well. Sacrifice everything to help others mentality is a broken reality that does not work.

Doing good and doing well - need to come together

If you care about the problem, then build a successful business that actually solves the problem. Make it profitable enough, so you can expand it out to the whole world in much greater ways. The profit engine is the oil for doing good.

If I am successful in what I am doing, how is it going to impact thousands, if not millions, or billions of people? If it is not, why would you do that? 

What are you willing to die for? And then live for it.

Philanthropy - This model should be approached like any other business - what is your product and who is your customer? It's not about writing a cheque for them. It's about helping them build a business not just give them money. Teach people to feed themselves rather than just take a hand out for food...

Help people build a business that is a self-sustaining business engine.

Your customers need to pay. The problem that is not obvious to you may not necessarily be the solution that exists in that problem. If there is a shortage of water look at where is the majority of fresh water being used? i.e. It is being used in growing agriculture and the majority of the agriculture is for raising cattle. So, what are other sources of protein? 

Don't solve the symptoms, solve the deeper problem

Education, healthcare, scarcity of food, fresh water - all modern day big problems.

Rather than prevent disease by treating the symptoms, prevent people getting sick altogether. Capital resources are not patriotic, these days worldly entrepreneurs will fund ventures all over the world. It is not the governments that are fixing the world problems, it is the everyday entrepreneurs who are accountable every day for their actions, not every 4 years at the election.

Entrepreneurs today are going to become the superpowers of tomorrow 

Either the cause becomes irrelevant or the system becomes irrelevant

Take Education - the cause was to learn skills, skills that are now becoming obsolete every 5 - 10 years - the system is now irrelevant. So as opposed to teaching skills (we can learn these on google), we have to teach learning to learn, problem-solving, how to discover and use resources that already exist and are emerging. Take advantage of technologies that are exponentially growing.

Health care was designed for when people were dying from infectious diseases - go to the hospital, get medicine, get better. Now we are dying from chronic diseases, where we are always sick (the system wasn’t designed for us to always be sick), the cure for the infectious diseases (the antibiotics) is the one that has caused the chronic diseases. Our belief was that the human body needed to be sterile, get rid of all the viruses and bacteria from us. Whereas now, modern science has proven that we are more microbial than human. Less than 1% of our genes actually come from our DNA.

99% of the genes expressed in our body come from the micro organisms that lives inside our gut. To be healthy, we have to understand that we are an eco system. If our gut is healthy, all these chronic diseases disappear.

Chronic diseases don’t happen overnight, they happen over time and because of the constant inflammation in our body and it happens because we are not feeding the right nutrients to ourselves.

We all have a different gut biome and what is healthy for one person is not healthy for another. If we look at our DNA - 99% is the same, when we look at our micro organisms in our gut, less than 5% is the same so how can we eat the same diet?

If we keep our guests (micro organisms in our gut) happy, they will produce all the nutrients our body needs.

If you are an expert in that field, you will only be able to make an incremental improved to that which you already know. Take on a new industry. You will take too much for granted the foundational elements won’t be questioned and therefore no innovation. When you come from outside of the industry, you are able to question every single thing people are doing that are taken for granted.


Current - 16s test 97% the same stuff inside of us.

Looks at bacteria at a genius level, a species level, it looks at a screen level, all the bacteria, looks at all the viruses, RNA viruses, DNA virus or phage virus, yeast, mould, fungus, human RNA, every eukaryote, every organism in your gut. It knows what they are and most importantly what they are doing. Are they producing short chain fatty acids, vitamin K, any nutrients that the body needs - identify what needs to be taken externally. And at that level, less than 5% are the same between two people. Can also look at the metabolic side and the blood transcription, your mitochondria, all the inflammatory biomarkers, transcripts for CRP, cytokines inflammation, identify what is causing inflammation and what is not working right, look at the Kaleb cycle - to identify the food, enzymes and vitamins you need. Prebiotics, probiotics, get the body back into balance and get all inflammation to go down. Every disease is proven to be influenced by the micro biome.

Parkinson, Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune, allergies, asthma - starts in the gut.

The most important trait is to have intellectual curiosity

Don’t worry about leading the horse to water, focus on making the horse thirsty. Our job is not to lead people to water, our job is to make them thirsty and never lead them to water. Let them find the water themselves. Allow them to be intellectually curious. Teach them how much fun it is to learn and do something with it.

It is not money that drives society or who we are. Our happiness can never be achieved by how much money we have in the bank. It is by how many peoples lives you are able to touch.

Your self-worth is never about what you earn, your self-worth comes from what you create. The only way to become really successful is when you become humble, if you have arrogance inside of you then you are always trying to prove something to someone.

Money is like an orgasm, if you have to focus on it, you will never have it.

There is no amount of material money that will buy you happiness, there will always be something newer, bigger. 

Happiness comes from being satisfied with what you have, at the same time driving to use those skills or financial resources you have to go out and do tremendous good in the world. When you help a 100 million people, you create a billion dollar business.

Celebrate entrepreneurs instead of movie stars and music stars. Start promoting entrepreneurs as the new heroes that everyday people can look up to.

If you want people to succeed, allow them to dream really big, so people think they are crazy. Entrepreneurs never fail, some ideas may not work, the ideas that don’t work are just a stepping stone to the next idea.

Never be afraid to fail, the only failure in life is when you give up, everything else in life is a pivot.

The day before an idea is a crazy idea, the day after, is an obvious idea.

Ask yourself "How do I connect the dots to something I am passionate about?"

If you had everything you always wanted in life, a billion dollars, a great family - what would you then do? Find something you are willing to die for and live for it!!

Inspire every single person to find their own moon shot.

More key quotes

The problem that is obvious to you may not necessarily be the solution that exists in that problem. 

I surround myself with the smartest people and then I question them. 

The day we stop being intellectually curious is the day we die.

Your self-worth is never about what you own. Your self-worth comes from what you create. 

You only fail in life when you give up; everything else is just a pivot.

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If you had everything you always wanted in life, a billion dollars, a great family - what would you then do? 

What are you willing to die for? And then live for it.

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